Changing the future

Digital marketing has changed the world of marketing management.

No longer dominated by television ads, radio and front-page newspaper adverts, marketing has shifted hugely in recent years. This new digital world requires new marketing strategies and new skill sets.

The rapidly changing face of digital marketing also makes it an industry where young, or merely new, entrants are at far less of a disadvantage to their more experienced peers.

There are many easily available and quick social media marketing courses online, but while those could teach you a thing or two, they can be limited if you’re looking for a longer-term marketing career.

After all, Facebook is notorious for changing its metrics and preferred image sizes more often than most social media marketers would like. But while things change, some things stay the same. The medium has changed, but the principles of marketing remain.

A quality professional marketing course from Kenya like Kenyatta University’s online MBA Programme Specialising in Marketing will teach you far more than the latest size of a Facebook cover photo. A good online digital marketing course will also teach you advanced communication skills and develop your strategic marketing planning capabilities.

Learning more about critical thinking in business, leadership and management theory as well digital marketing planning, strategy and tactics will give you a foundation in marketing that you can still apply as new technologies emerge.  

Professional digital marketing degrees & courses

  There are many digital courses available, from quick one-week social media marketing courses online, to high-level professional degrees. If you’re running your own small business and have little time or money to spare, but would still like to invest in yourself and your business, then a short online social media marketing course could certainly help you out.

There are a huge number of marketing courses in Kenya as well as from international companies to choose from. An online search for “Marketing courses Kenya” picks up more than 66 million results. A good professional marketing course will teach you how to develop marketing strategies that make use of social media and other digital marketing channels.

Just be sure to check the credentials of the institution offering the course as online education also has many fly-by-night chancers looking to make a quick buck and not provide their students with valuable knowledge.

As you will quickly see when exploring social media marketing courses online and other marketing courses, very few of the providers can claim as good a reputation as Kenyatta University.  

Digital marketing strategies

  A key component of marketing is the development of effective marketing strategies that work across multiple platforms and engage potential customers. People are exposed to so much advertising from day to day that a clever marketing strategy is needed to be noticed amid all the noise and clamour.

As digital marketing is moving so fast, there is not any complete consensus on definitions. In older fields such as physics or psychology, the body of knowledge has been built up over centuries. Students today still study the findings of forerunners who are long since dead, such as Newton and Einstein for physics or Freud and Jung for psychology. Digital marketing is very different.

The name itself only came about in the 1990s and it has only really come into its prime in the last 10 years or so. An online search of the top digital marketing strategies opens a flood of articles and information, but with very little consensus as to actual strategies or tactics.

Where there is a little more consensus and order is in the types of digital marketing, which can be broken down as follows:  

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing
  • Content marketing (Blogging, articles, downloadable content, video and webinars)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing Analytics


Social media marketing

  Social media marketing has changed the face of marketing and advertising in particular. Smaller companies are now able to cost-effectively advertise to carefully targeted pools of potential customers.

Here in Kenya, social media use and internet penetration still lag far behind Europe, North America and Asia, but it is rising incredibly fast. According to a report in early 2021, there was a 25% increase in the number of social media users, with the figure rising by 2.2 million to about 11 million social media users from 2020 to 2021. This places Kenya’s social media penetration at about 20%, well behind the global average of about 50%.

This means that social media as a marketing tool and as an industry is still in its relative infancy. With the current growth rates, it will not be long before Kenya catches up.  

The future of digital marketing

  The only true constant is change. Digital marketing is certain to become even bigger. Digital marketing offers huge opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs. Not only is there the exciting potential to be the next big start-up, but for others too.

The shift to a world of digital and is an excellent opportunity for new businesses and new players to enter the field. The need for new marketing strategies gives the smaller players a chance to provide valuable, and lucrative services, to other companies of any size.

Here are just some of the digital marketing trends for 2021 that you are sure to start encountering more and more of.

Advanced chatbots: With recent, and ongoing, developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, chatbots are becoming far better at communicating with potential customers. This automation has immense potential, especially for smaller companies that cannot maintain a call centre.

Shoppable social posts: Instagram recently introduced shoppable posts to its platform and by the start of 2021, they were already attracting 130 million interactions per month. Digital marketing analysts and trend forecasters expect that shoppable social posts will be a big growth area as other platforms adopt and adapt to the concept.

SEO and content trump PPC: More than a quarter of internet users browse the internet with an ad blocker, meaning that the reach of paid advertising is growing smaller. This means that content is becoming more important. What you’re reading right now is an example of content marketing whereby we aim to provide useful and relevant information to attract people to Kenyatta University’s online portal.

Virtual reality and augmented reality: These are two technologies still in their infancy, but the potential to create engaging and memorable content and interactions have marketing managers excited about the possibilities.

Although it may still feel like science fiction, it will not be very long before we are using virtual reality to do things like test-drive products or use augmented reality to see how an item of furniture would look inside our homes.

If you feel you would like to further your career in the exciting and ever-changing world of marketing, then please have a look at Kenyatta University’s online MBA Programme Specialising in Marketing.

Should you meet the requirements, you can request more information and begin your application process today.

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