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The world is changing and studying online has become almost standard practice. Although not all institutions have successfully migrated all their qualifications to online learning systems and platforms, the possibilities of continued learning and training are becoming more and varied.

Studying towards an MBA qualification fully online has become a reality. There is no need to attend contact sessions and you can determine your schedule while continuing to work. The course material is available online at any time and students have the support of their lecturers and a team of success coordinators.

A further advantage is that MBA courses often have various specialisations to choose from, they are particular to a sector or industry and are ideal for professionals who want to further their careers and experience personal growth.

Here are the fully online MBA specialisations on offer from Kenyatta University and why they are great options.

MBA Specialising in Accounting This MBA is ideal for professionals who are already in the field, aim to grow their careers and head up the accounting department. This specialisation takes an in-depth look at integration between international financial reporting standards and excluding consolidation standards. In this accounting MBA, students will gain ethics and professional practice competencies. Other modules will focus on management accounting, tax theory and its business application. Students will learn auditing and assurance practices as well as risk analysis.

MBA Specialising in Entrepreneurship This MBA is for the individual who is already running their own business or plans to do so in the future. The programme focuses on the economics of business on a local and global scale, the generation of funding, and growth potential. The programme also explores venture process concepts and proactive business planning.

MBA Specialising in Finance The MBA in finance will appeal to the professional who aims to lead the finance department in an organisation and has the drive to be at the top of their game. The programme covers analytical frameworks, corporate finance principles and how to generate lasting value. It also takes a look at international finance, entrepreneurial finance, how to generate qualitative and quantitative information for decision making.

MBA Specialising in Human Resources This is the qualification for the HR champion who wants to grow their career into a leadership position. The courses include employee reward and compensation, takes a strong focus on management, and explores the acquisition, retention and development of human capital. Strategic change management also makes up a major part of this programme.

MBA Specialising in Management of Information Systems This MBA is designed for the information systems professional who wants to focus more on data issues and who wants to grow their knowledge and career. It puts a strong emphasis on data communication and networking, solving data communications problems, and establishing and maintaining E-commerce systems. One of the courses also focuses on systems analysis and design.

MBA Specialising in Marketing Marketing courses are becoming more popular as the digital landscape continues to grow. If you want to be an expert in your field, this MBA is for you. The courses in this programme include marketing strategies and communication, ethical and regulatory issues, global trends, and the application of analysis.

MBA Specialising in Procurement and Supply Chain An efficient and successful procurement and supply chain management process are what keeps the goods and services industry going. This qualification will appeal to the professional who aims to be the best at what they do, with the programme focussing on supply chain theory and practice, policies and procedures, what the legal frameworks look like and their implications, and logistics.

MBA Specialising in Project Management Project management is a growing field and professionals with higher qualifications are in great demand. This MBA explores various models for operations management and decision-making, as well as monitoring and evaluation, scheduling and tracking.

MBA Specialising in Strategic Management This programme is designed for the professional who wants to be a strategic change leader. The MBA strategic management is all about learning to think strategically in every aspect of a business, taking into account change management on all levels, and environmental forecasting techniques.

To learn more about each of Kenyatta University’s MBA specialisations, visit the programme pages.

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