Why do an MBA?

Employment opportunities are becoming more and more competitive, with possible candidates achieving higher qualifications than they ever have before. This makes it crucial to get a qualification that can fast-track your career and expedite your earnings potential. Gaining an MBA qualification with a specialisation in your field can be the springboard your career needs.

What is an MBA programme, you may ask? A Master of Business Administration is a higher qualification aimed at business professionals. It can lead to greater job opportunities and pave the way for a PhD after the MBA. This qualification gives you real-world experience and practical knowledge delivered by leaders in their fields.

A Master of Business Administration teaches students technical, managerial, and leadership skills. Earning an MBA qualification expands your professional network, gives you valuable business tools and creates new opportunities. It is important to take this into account if you plan on accelerating your career trajectory, transition to a new industry, or if you want to become an entrepreneur.

The regular contact or blended MBA programmes can take up to four years to complete, but with Kenyatta University’s online format you can have an MBA in two years (part-time) or 18 months (full-time). Online MBA courses also allow you to continue building your career while you study.

Although a general MBA has great value and is useful, completing an MBA with a specialisation qualifies you as a generalist and a specialist, giving you the edge over your competitors. There are core modules that are the same for all specialisations and then there are MBA units that focus specifically on the area of specialisation.

An MBA also has expected and unexpected advantages which often go beyond a career. One such advantage is self-confidence. There is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with balancing work, personal life and completing a challenging qualification.

Much of what is learned during an MBA course comes down to transferable skills which can be used in your personal life and across various industries. One of these skills is improved communication capabilities which can be used at home, in social situations and for networking.

If self-discipline is not a skill you excelled at before, working towards an MBA will cement that for you. Making the time to focus on your studies, connect with family and friends, while keeping up with your career will help you establish planning skills, better time management and perseverance.

An in-depth study such as this also opens a door to creativity you may never have explored before. Learning to think about problems from different angles and coming up with strategic and creative solutions.

An MBA study provides a global context for each speciality and takes a look at diverse perspectives

One of the more obvious benefits is the employment opportunities that may become available with the completion of an accredited, quality MBA. It is a powerful differentiator when it comes to competing with other candidates for a managerial or leadership role. This then leads to increased income opportunities and better management of personal finances because you will have learned to better assess risk, inflation and how the world of finance works.

Although there are various valuable and accredited MBA programmes in Kenya, it is important to consider whether a contact version or an online version better suits your lifestyle.

The types of MBA programmes available fully online from Kenyatta University are:

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