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The MBA programmes have a flexible payment plan allowing you to pay for the programme as you progress through the courses.
What are the advantages of online learning?
You never have to attend any classes and you can set your own study schedule, accessing classes and learning material when it suits you.
What is an online learning programme?
An online learning programme is a qualification which is completed entirely online. The application process, learning platform, and study materials are all online.
Why do students prefer online learning?
With online learning you can set your own schedule, continue working while you study, and pay per course as you progress.
What is an MBA qualification?
A Master of Business Administration is an advanced qualification generally obtained by business professionals to grow their careers and climb the corporate ladder.
How long is an MBA course?

The MBA programmes on offer by Kenyatta University can be done in 2 years.

Can I study an MBA without a degree?

To apply for Kenyatta University's MBA qualifications, you need a Bachelor’s Degree with an Upper Second-Class Honours or equivalent, OR A Bachelor’s Degree with a Lower Second-Class Honours and proven research capability, OR Any degree and a relevant full professional qualification certificate, AND at least two years' work experience.

Is an MBA difficult?
Studying towards an MBA is a personal commitment that will take up time. To apply for an MBA, you need previous qualifications and if your application is successful, you will be prepared for MBA study. You need to set aside enough time every week to get through the workload, but you will be supported by your lecturers and a team of specialists.
Is an MBA with a specialisation better?
An MBA with a specialisation is ideal for professionals who have established their careers and are looking to grow their earning potential and climb the corporate ladder in their field.
Does your MBA specialisation matter?
By doing an MBA with a specialisation, you can establish yourself as a generalist and a specialist, completing all the general MBA courses with a specific focus on your career or field of interest.
What are the fees for an MBA?
The online MBAs from Kenyatta University are affordable because of a flexible payment plan which allows you to pay per course as you progress in your studies. Please visit our Fees page for a detailed breakdown of the fees.

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